Alternative D’Arts experienced by 5RA

Drawing and Risograph, Photograms and Stop Motion, Storytelling and Haikus were all experienced by 5RA in three intense yet enjoyable workshops this Tuesday at Leeds Beckett Graphic Art and Design department. To get a glimpse of some of their creations, the students have kindly shared some of the photographs that captured the learning throughout the day on the link below. DART 27022018

It was a relief to see that the lockers had travelled with 5RA too- thanks to Tetley coaches! Now they are just waiting  for the students to work their creativity on them.

Next Friday will see the students working with Y5RA at Allerton CE, as they support them to create their own lockers from shoe boxes.


D’Art journeys

This week, Y5RA stepped out into their local area with the Leeds Beckett Graphic Design students. Each pupil had with them a booklet to record their journey as well as a bag to collect any items of interest.

The weather was kind-sunny with a blue sky-and although a little muddy underfoot great fun was had by all as they observed, created rubbings, collected objects of interest and listened to and recorded the sounds in each location.

Next week, Y5RA join the Graphic Design students at their school…


Excitingly, the D’Art project was launched this week with Year 5 RA and some Graphic Design art students from Leeds Beckett University. The brief is to find beauty in the banal-LS17. After a game of SPLAT, dart throwing commenced so that the locations for the commissioned Locker installations were established. What beauty waits? Revelations will hopefully start unraveling in a fortnight, when Y5RA and the students start the process.

Miriam Laville inspires

Last week, Alexia and Leo had the opportunity to work alongside Miriam Laville-a local artist. Their artwork from the day (created at Highfield Primary) comprised of a mixed media piece of work inspired by an observational drawing, as well as their own pastel flower drawing on canvas.

Leo’s mixed media

Alexia’s mixed media

Excited by the day, Alexia independently wrote the following:

I really do wish that I could rewind the day! On Friday 2nd February, me and Leo got the chance to work with a local artist: Miriam Laville, at Highfield Primary. 

Having the opportunity to work with a local artist is incredible! We experimented with collages, charcoal, and even soft pastels. Miriam taught us how to really express our observational drawings.

Here are some of the photographs from the day. It was lovely to hear that both ‘Leo and Alexia were very enthusiastic and polite!’

Alexia’s pastel work

Leo’s pastel piece                                                            

‘It is not easy to admit when you are being bullied…’


The animated book ‘Angel Boy’ has inspired the dance and drama, writes and art work as well as the baking over the past fortnight for Y6SK.

Once again, the Friday celebration provided the stage and an audience for what was a ‘powerful and emotive’ dance performance on the theme of bullying. Well done Amir for portraying Angel Boy and Y6SK for trusting each other implicitly as you incorporated the lifts and a staircase choreographed by Miss Allison into the routine. Miss Allison shared after the performance that she had loved watching you grow into dancers.

Bird feathers, owls, winged creatures and angels were the hooks for the independent and collaborative pieces of art. This work was celebrated and admired in the art studio on Friday and as one interested adult shared: ‘I loved all the colourful artwork and the different techniques used.’

Drama based on the story as well as the transcripts provided the genres of diary and advertisement. Hopefully, you will have greater independence in your editing from now on as you show the attributes of perseverance and resilience. Keep being gritty! A special well done to Megan, Gurleen and Amir for displaying both of these, as well as demonstrating creativity and enthusiasm in your learning too.

Here are some more of the comments shared on Friday afternoon:

‘I loved the whole thing. The dance was amazing and matched the story perfectly. The art work was great and Dom’s writing was lovely.’

‘Everyone put in lots of effort to make it look brilliant. It’s good that the learning will help them to deal with bullying if it happens to them in real life-I hope it doesn’t. The art studio was amazing.’

‘What I really liked was how enthusiastic Megan has been throughout this topic. She has really enjoyed it and has been so involved.’

‘I really loved the performance and the effort all of the children put into it. I think they did the topic justice.’

‘I really liked the art work and the dance. Also the work Gurleen has produced has impressed me. Thank you to everyone involved.’

‘Starjik! Whisper his name and it was winter in your heart.’

The opening pages of Robert Swindell’s book ‘Ice Palace’ provided the hook for the arts fortnight with 3ES. Through storytelling and non-chronological report writing, weaving and observational drawings, dance and baking the pages were brought to life.

It was such a privilege to work with a class who created magical stories; persevered and triumphed in their weaving; in stillness focused and looked so that their drawings captured the objects; and in dance expressed through movement and drama the tyranny of Starjik! As those who had the fortune of sharing 3ES’ learning journey, the avalanche boulders were delightful too.

These comments capture the learning and enjoyment, pride and celebration of Friday afternoon.

Thank you to all of the interested adults, parents and grandparents for being an attentive and engaged audience in more ways than one! In addition, thank you for supporting your child in the editing of their writing, listening as they shared their learning and being prepared to have a go.


‘Midsummer craziness’ as we near Midwinter!

Who would have thought Clive King’s novel ‘Stig of the Dump’ could continue to inspire and provide a hook for a new generation? From creating their own ‘Stig inventions’ from observational drawings of bottles and kettles to lamps and coat hangers, Year 3LH wowed me with their imaginations and ingenuity! If only Jake’s machine was in operation-providing food for a poor family from just one piece of fruit.

Onto corrugated card fiery colours of reds, yellows and oranges were coloured with oil pastels followed by a layer of black acrylic paint.  Stags and campfires, beehive huts and beech trees were then etched onto the card to create the setting Barney and Lou encountered one Midsummer night.


Miss Allison once again worked her magic as she choreographed another memorable dance. This time Stags, stones, beech woods, ponies, arrow heads and Stonehenge were weaved seamlessly into the routine!

Parents and interested adults were the willing audience so that Year 3LH could perform to the powerful music entitled Dark Jungle-Jurassic World. Here are just some of the lovely comments:

“The dancing was wonderful to watch.”

“I was very impressed by how quickly they had picked up the routine.”

“The children portrayed such confidence.”

A pastel Summer solstice captured Stonehenge scenes which definitely brought colour into the art studio. After selecting a section of their drawing using a viewfinder, Y3LH then drew and painted onto plaster of paris. It was lovely to see such pride in their finished piece of art which will no doubt take pride of place on a window sill/mantelpiece very soon!

One of the most powerful writes was inspired by the chapter in the book when Lou greets the chief and communicates with him in her own language. What could we say to someone very important about who we were? How would we speak to them? What would we need to make sure of? Around the fire pit on a very cold November afternoon, Y3LH did speak to the chief of ACE. This they did in their own language even though the wind was whistling and smoke smarted eyes!

Below are just a few comments from the numerous parents and interested adults who turned up for the celebration…

“The art studio gives parents an insight into what their children have been doing, and an opportunity to interact with their teachers.”

“I really enjoyed the performance and I am so proud of the effort the teachers are putting into the kids learning.”

“I really like being able to spend time with Layth and for him to show me his work. I really enjoyed seeing him get excited as he showed me his work. He has really enjoyed the last two weeks.”



The Little Mermaid

What a privilege it has been to work alongside Year 2 over the past month. Because they are going as a cohort to see the ballet ‘The Little Mermaid’, Mr Spink and Miss Savage thought this would be an ideal ‘hook’ for their arts fortnights. Therefore through dance, drama, storytelling, writing and art, we explored and captured a little of the magic of Hans Christian Anderson’s beautiful yet in places tragic story.

Sprats and herring provided the fish for our observational drawings which we created using charcoal, graphite, pencil, felt tip and watercolour. Similarly the wonderful shell drawings used these materials as we hatched, dotted, dashed, cross hatched and circled.

Miss Allison worked her magic as she choreographed another memorable dance. Parents and interested adults were the willing audience so that Year 2 could perform and spread the happiness and enjoyment of their routine.

Here are just some of the lovely comments:

“I loved seeing the children enjoying the dance. Watching them work together was a joy.” Grace D’s dad

“Lovely dancing, smiley faces and everyone looking happy!” Jemima’s Grandma

“The kids worked really hard on the dance; so happy and so impressed with everyone’s effort and behaviour.”

Fine motor skills were the order of the day as we created the willow fish. Weaving of tissue paper, wool and beads ensured that all had their own unique look. Meanwhile, quite a scary looking piece of artwork of a mermaid holding a swordfish inspired their own watercolour and charcoal mermaids!

Through drama and storytelling we immersed Year 2 in the story. Their narrative writes were wonderful.

Mehuli’s mum beautifully shared the purpose of the fortnight in her appreciative comment. It captures the why and heart of what we do:

“The whole performance was really splendid. I really liked the fact that so much creativity is being evolved in each pupil. I am really pleased to see my daughter grow up in the truest sense.”

Year 2 loved sharing their learning with parents and interested adults. Thank you for coming!

Never shake thy gory locks at me…

Well what a fortnight. Year 5LM certainly entered into the drama of Act 3, scene 4 in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Drama-with an encouragement to exaggerate movements, experiment with levels and to use physical contact- certainly helped in portraying the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the characters involved.  Miss Allison was also able to draw on your ability to do this in the dance, so that as a class you performed an amazing, if somewhat eerie banquet.  Well done for nailing those timings, working collaboratively and bringing the confusion and madness of Macbeth himself to the audience.

These comments will hopefully encourage you as you take part in the School’s Shakespeare Festival at Leeds Carriageworks Theatre on November 3rd.

“The dance was very clever and it’s wonderful to see their confidence. I can’t wait for the 3rd November!”

“The dance told a story and everyone looked like they enjoyed the performance.”

“Dance was amazing-I don’t quite know how you manage to pull it all together.”

Personally, I was very impressed with your Modroc banquet bowls! Although messy, requiring perseverance (the tissue paper and glue wrapping paper in particular) as well as the fine motor skills in covering a spherical shape you all succeeded! In addition, you all worked so hard on your feather drawings. Well done for some wonderful observational drawings, exploration of drawing materials and use of watercolour.

Your writes included a description of the painting ‘Banquo’s Ghost’, Lady Macbeth’s rant at her husband’s behaviour and the ravens account of proceedings at the banquet. Well done for all your hard work and using the learning environment to support learning-especially in spelling.

Thank you parents and interested adults for sharing and celebrating Year 5LM’s learning. We are so pleased that these afternoons give you an opportunity to spend time with your child discussing their successes and challenges as well as giving you an insight into the process.

Some of the lovely comments shared about what was really liked:

Teachers are willing to take time and explain…the art work is out of this world…the communication with family so that they see how well their child is progressing.”

“Hearing my son speak so passionately about an area of work I never thought he’d be interested in.”

“The interaction…the cafe to sample/purchase…the opportunity to see the resources available…the children’s enthusiasm and progress…fantastic workshop.”


Double, double toil and trouble…

Our learning this fortnight in the studio, hall and school grounds encouraged:

  • dramatic battle scenes
  • percussion accompaniments to Act 1 Scene 3 and a confidence to perform
  • an opportunity through dance and movement to capture the emotion and intensity of Macbeth the warrior as well as the influence of the witches on his life-thank you Miss Allison for your wonderful choreography yet again!
  • the accurate weighing of ingredients for shortbread
  • the discovery of and use of new vocabulary found in the narrative stories of Macbeth
  • creativity in the making of witch Modroc masks and an exploration of mark making
  • observational drawings of objects for spells burnt in a fire pit

Year 5RA, your enthusiasm, team work and hard work over the past two weeks was certainly celebrated with your parents and other interested adults on Friday. You overcame various challenges in your learning from that of confidence and embarrassment in performing, wrestling with new vocabulary to enhance your writing, knowing the number of grams in a kilogram as well as exploring and using new art materials to create. You should be very proud!

Thank you to Y5RA parents who took the time out of their busy day to join in this celebration of learning. Hopefully, the opportunity to see, experience and chat through your child’s work was beneficial and enjoyable for you too.

Here are just some of the lovely comments from the afternoon:

“The children were really confident and enthusiastic. It’s amazing how they remember their lines and routine.”

“The art work was amazing! I really liked the dance and the way the children worked together. Well done!”

“The dance was fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing what the children have been doing and learning. The biscuits were tasty too.”

“The incorporation of learning retention with performance is great (artistic performance).Great for active children as well as those with literacy skills.”